Elfing Around & A Freebie

We have been elf crazy in our room this week!! I just love holiday fun! I think I had more fun then the kids did :) We started by reading the story  "The Littlest Elf" by Brandi Dougherty. It is a super cute story about a tiny elf who is too small to do any of Santa's North Pole jobs, but finds a special job in the end.

The Littlest Elf 
After reading the story, talked a lot about the North Pole and what the elves can do there! We made a chart listing what we would do if we were elves!

The next day, we talked about how the elves get their jobs at the North Pole. I explained that when adults want to get a job, they fill out an application listing all of their information and why they would be a good fit for the job. In order to become elves, we too would have to fill out an application! I found an adorable application from Rachelle over at "What The Teacher Wants" (click the picture below to grab yours!!).

The kids enjoyed answering the questions and coloring the pictures. It was interesting to see what their favorite toys (some were a bit ridiculous for a 5 year old - an iphone? really?) were and their cutey cute elf drawings!

  I mailed those applications to Santa Claus and he sent us a special surprise in return! A special secret package straight from the North Pole! I wrapped the box in advance and gave it to our wonderful secretary. She called the room and said we had a package delivered to the school. I was sooo surprised that we had a packag - we weren't expecting anything (the kids just ate this up!) So I sent two kiddos to the office to pick up our package. When they returned, they were absolutely beaming, talking over each other, screaming that it was from Santa!

I put it in the middle of the room and let them rip it open!

Inside the package were the following items:
-A special letter from Santa telling us all about our magic Elf!
-The Elf on the Shelf in his box
-The Elf on the Shelf book
- A magic elf key
-A special present from Santa to us

I got this idea from Pinterest (where all good ideas come from of course) and decided it would be an amazing present from Santa. Instead of using all whoppers and one red gumball like the original version, I just used all red (honestly - because that's what I had at home already ha). I found these suuuuuuper cute labels for the bags from Anna over at "Crazy for First Grade".

  They could not believe that Santa wrote a letter just for them!  

 To get this elf introduction letter from Santa and a farewell letter from the elf, visit my TPT store by clicking HERE

The elf also had a magic key with him! The key had a little poem on it telling the kids that the key was made by Santa and is filled with Christmas magic! This is the key he will use to get in and out of our room each night to fly back to the North Pole. You can get your own magic elf key by clicking HERE

 After reading the story, we had to name our magic elf! Each child chose a name that they would like for our elf. We then voted and narrowed it down to 5 names. We put those 5 names on a graph and each child voted for their favorite by coloring in a little elf and gluing it above their choice. And the winning name is..... Sprinkles!!

Click HERE to grab your elf name voting graph freebie!
  The next day we began our Elf on the Shelf Adventure Log! We colored the cover of our log and filled in the first page - "Meet Our Elf".  The kids will fill in a page everyday chronicling our elf's adventures. They were so excited about this! You can grab your copy by clicking HERE.

 The next day we found our elf (with his key) sitting up by the TV and he had a super special movie with him! He wanted us to hear all about his story! He also brought us some delicious cookies to eat. The kids enjoyed their cookies while watching the movie. If you haven't seen it, you just have to! It really brought it home for the kiddos. They saw him come to life (even though he looks like a toy) and it made the even the skeptics believe! One of the characters in the movie actually touches the elf and they were so sad! It was just a perfect addition to the Elfing festivities!

The next day our elf was caught "monkeying around"!

 Can't wait to see what he gets up to next. I have a whole calendar dedicated to his shenanigans. Click on the calendar picture below to see what I have in store!

 On Friday, we made our Christmas countdown chains to hang from the ceiling! Each day we will cut a link until we reach the star, that means it will be Christmas!! The star has a cute little poem on it explaining how the chain will work.

  You can make Christmas countdown chains with your kiddies by clicking on the picture below:

Wowie! We have started our holiday season with a big elfin bang! I hope you are enjoying your season as well, I'd love to hear what you are all up to! Have a relaxing (yea right) weekend!!

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