Teachers Pay Teachers

Hello all! Does everyone feel as out of control busy this year as I do?? I feel like I just can't catch up! This was another wonderfully crazy week. After getting all the last minute report card testing done and finishing up our first quarter, we had our student led conferences. I always love seeing how the kids interact with their parents. They were so proud to share their work and data folders with their families. That was one late night though! I didn't get home until after 8:00. On a completely separate night this week I walked out to my car at my usual time (6:30 pm) and took a look around the parking lot. This is what I saw:

That beautiful little RAV4 is mine! What I found myself wondering was: Hmmm..... why are there no cars around me?! And that's when I realized it's because I am literally the last person to leave every single night!! Please tell me I am not the only one out there who stays late every night! I try soooo hard to leave, but there is always just one more thing I could finish up "real quick".

the view from the other direction - absolutely 0 cars this way as well. Sigh.

After finally getting home, I got right back to work! Goodness me. The positive side of all this stress and work is this:  I am so super excited to share with you that I have started selling products on teacherspayteachers.com! I always spend soooo much time making things for my room and class and finally decided 'Why not share?!' I worked my little hiney off getting my products together and making them just right. (I'm a bit of a perfectionist - just a bit HA) I got some help from my little baby Liam when my hands just couldn't do the work anymore!

And then... YAY! I did it! I posted just a few things in my store to get started but I have much more to come! Please check out my products and let me know what you think!

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Here are some of the things that I posted:
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This set contains TONS of fabulous resources to create a positive behavior plan in your classroom with a rockstar theme!

I love this job chart and so do my little kiddos! They think the fun names and clipart are the best :)

This binder set is pretty all-inclusive. It contains everything that you need to have organized and informational student binders that establish a strong connection between home and school.

Here is a little freebie from my new store. I use these R.E.D. Folders with my kids every day! I assign them as homework each night. My kids will take home their folder with a leveled reader inside. They then read the book and fill out their nightly reading log. The next day, they read the book to me or my classroom volunteer. If they can read the book fluently, they will receive a higher level book. They get so excited to get a new book. They also get to add a sticker to the RED Folder chart.
RED Folder Chart

I really hope you check of my store - every product is a labor of love! Let me know what you think :) Have a fabulous Sunday and thanks for poppin' in!