Hello Friends! I am still cooped up at home in bed recovering from surgery, absolutely BORED. I seriously never wanted to be at school as bad as I do right now. And because of complications during the surgery, my doctor won't let me go back to work next week either. AAAAH! I begged him and told him I would be super careful, but it was a no-go. Gr. Well, at least I can keep up with my blogging, though I don't have all that much to blog about right now. I could go on about how many movies I've watched or how many annoying shows there are during the day. But I doubt anyone wants to hear that. So, I've decided to throw a linky party to celebrate the giant Super Bowl Sunday Sale that many of us will be throwing! There is only one rule: you must be throwing a Super Bowl Sunday Sale on February 3rd! Here's how it works:

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I hope you'll join in on the fun! There are going to be SOOOO many fabulous things on sale, I know I will be emptying my wishlist! 

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high low

HIgh (2)

2013 has been full of unexpected things for me, and many of them were positive! Here are  some of my best moments so far:
*Seeing the amazing progress my students have made in writing this year. I was looking over their Writer's Workshop notebooks and comparing where there were then to where they are now and the difference is unreal. It makes me so proud of the accomplishments we have made together.
*Reaching 163 fabulous followers on my blog and 193 followers on my TPT store. When I started my blog and store in October of last year, I NEVER thought that I would reach those numbers. Like - ever. I am so humbled and honored that so many people are interested in what I have to say and interested in my products. Though I may never be the next "Deanna Jump" (as we all aspire to be), I am more than happy to be the best "Khrys Bosland" that I can be! (woooooow, sorry that was so cheesy. Anybody feel like making a grilled cheese? ha)

*The lowest moment of the year for me happened on January 6th - I took the tumble that would change it all. Sigh. I am STILL working on recovering from that surgery-causing catastrophe. I wish I could be with my littles right now. I would even take a bad behavior day over being bed ridden for yet another week. Ladies and gentlemen, I am bored.

So there you have it! My wonderful highs and sad little lows. Thanks to Katie for throwing such a fun linky! And don't forget to enter my ENORMOUS 100 follower giveaway. So many amazing products are included in this!! Check it out here:

Hope your days are fun filled and full of happiness! Love and Hugs!



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Trying to heal and I'M ALMOST TO 100! Please Help!

Hello my sweet bloggy buddies :) I just thought I would give you a little update on how I'm doing. Well - this totally sucks. To be honest, I've never felt this much pain in my entire life. Even after my other knee surgery years ago, my wisdom teeth, and any other problems combined, this is by faaaar the worst ever. I am so thankful for all of the amazing support that you have given me. Your kind comments and prayers have helped to make this just a little easier. I just can't wait to start feeling better :(

And on a much lighter note, I am so excited to almost reach 100 followers on my blog! Only 9 amazing friends away - eeeeek! I just cannot believe that I'm that close. I never thought I would see the day and I feel truly honored to have each and every one of you.

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Thanks so much and I will be back with a more exciting post soon, I promise. I'm trying to heal quickly over here :) love you all! Xo


Subbin It, FREEBIE, and a GIVEAWAY

Ok, so I lied. I thought my previous post would be the last one before my surgery, but I just haaaaad to write one more :) I am going in at 3:00 today - eeeek! Here goes nothing!

I left this little note for my sweeties on the Chit Chat board for my sub to read to them. I had two of them absolutely BAWLING as they left the room yesterday, saying that they just couldn't do it without me. Gosh they are so cute! One of them even brought me a "Get Well" gift full of yummy treats, magazines, and paintings she made to brighten my days. It totally made my day.

As I mentioned the other day, I spent most of my time this week planning for my sub. I am a bit of a organizational perfectionist. I knew that I would not be able to leave unless I had everything setup perfectly. I have a sub binder that I keep in my room in case I am ever out for a day unexpectedly, but that just wouldn't do it for the whole week. This is the Sub Binder that I always keep in the room:


And here is what I did for my sub this week: I organized everything by subject and labeled baskets for each. I put it all in order by day. So basically, all she has to do is pull the top thing out of every basket for the day. (This literally makes me want to jump for joy. I swear to you, I have an illness.)


Pretty fabulous right?! I felt a million times better about leaving having everything ready for her.

Earlier this week we finished up our Martin Luther King Jr. activities. We started by reading the book "The Crayon Box That Talked" by Shane Derolf. The book makes a fantastic addition to MLK Jr. lessons. It is about a box of crayons that is full of colors that do not get along. They don't know why they hate each other, but they just do. As the story goes on, the crayons begin realizing that they do like the other colors and that when they work together, they can make a beautiful picture! To introduce this, I gave each of the littles a blank piece of paper and asked them to draw a line down the middle. I then had them use only their pencil to draw a picture on the left side. It could be whatever they wanted it to be. After they finished, we looked at the pictures and discussed how we felt about them. The kids were so sad that they couldn't color with crayons! Next, I told them to make the exact same picture on the right side, but this time they could use as many colors as they wanted! They did such a fabulous job. We had a long discussion after about how beautiful the world can be when we all work together, just like the crayons!


After completing this activity, the kids began realizing how special and unique each of them is and how working together makes the world a better place. Each child made a self portrait using a crayon template to add to our class "box of crayons".


 You can grab this activity FREEBIE by clicking the picture below

And that's my 3 day week in a nutshell. I'm going to prepare myself now for this afternoon. And just so you know, I'm starving. I wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight last night and now I am famished. I want to eat everything in my fridge, especially the pizza lunchables and doritos. I know, I know, I have the eating habits of a five year old. Sigh. Hope everyone is having a good day :) I'll give you an update as soon as I can! HUGS!

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