Spring Break, What's Hatchin? and Hippity Blog Hop!

HOORAY HOORAY it's spring break!! I cannot believe that I made it :) This week was soooooo long. I'm not sure if it was because everyone knew the break was almost here, but my kids were literally bananas. I have such a rowdy crew this year. Love them dearly, but holy crow. I'm totally ready for a little me time!
I'm going to start this off by linking up with the amazing Brigid from Brigid's Daily Lesson Log for her Spring Break Bucket List Linky!
Who doesn't love a good list?! I make a new list for just about everything every ten minutes. No joke. I have a "Today" list, a "This Week" list, a "School" list, a "TPT" list, a "Blog" list, etc. Am I really making a list of my lists right now? This could go on and on and on. I love that this list is all about the fun things that I want to do!
1. Sleep - literally as much as humanly possible.
2. Read - for fun, not for school! I have so many books on my kindle that I want to read
3. Create - things for TPT, things for my classroom, things for the end of the year, etc.
4. Nails - toes and hands! Mani pedi anyone?!
5. Watch - I have got to catch up on my DVR list, I'm at like 20% free!
6. Clean - my house, my car, my life! It's time to get organized my friends
7. Relax - I'm thinking 2 things: sun and margaritas! The one good think about Florida :)
Here are 2 random funnies from this week. On Tuesday one of my sweeties came waltzing in with a shoebox lid in his hands. He places it on my desk and heads off to his seat. I called him over a minute later and said, "Honey, why did you leave this on my desk?" to which he responds, "It's for the school, to get 25 cents!" I was still totally drawing a blank. If you have caught on already, I'm impressed by your sleuthing skills. So finally, I told him I didn't understand and he said, "You know Ms. Bosland, it's a box top!" HA! What a little cutie pie! I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wasn't the right kind of box top so I just said thank you and took it. Sigh. I hope I don't have the troops bringing in tons of actual box tops now.
In other ridiculous news, I was reading with my kids and one of them read this amazing piece of literature to me:

I'm not going to make any comments about this book. I'm just not. Because there's not really anything I can say that is appropriate. Good grief.
Moving on!
Because it is spring break this week and we will miss celebrating Easter closer to the actual holiday, we decided to do our activities this week! We focused on Oviparous Animals (animals that hatch from eggs) all week long.
To introduce our topic earlier this week, I printed pictures of animals that are and are not oviparous. I folded them up and put them inside little easter eggs! I had the kids come up one at a time to open the eggs and identify the animal. Then the kids had to sort that animal on the chart under either "oviparous" or "not oviparous". They had such a blast with this!
 All of the pieces for the chart can be found for FREE in my TPT store! Click HERE to check it out!
 The littles had a student version of the sort to work on as we did the whole group sort together!
We also read one of my favorites, "An Extraordinary Egg" by Leo Lionni! It is about 3 little frogs who find an egg hidden amongst some rocks. They think it will hatch a chicken, but it turns out to be an alligator, that they still call a chicken. Hehehe. SO cute. The kids think it is just hilarious.
The next day we started by reading "What's Hatchin Chick?" by Christie Beriener from First Grade Fever!. I found this adorable story in Christie's Chicken Unit. It can be found HERE. This is always a winner with the littles. They love guessing which animal is hiding in each egg.
After reading the story, we created a class book of our own called "Little Egg, Little Egg, What Do You See?" I got this totally awesome freebie from the always wonderful Deedee Wills from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. Click HERE to grab a copy of this class book for yourself! My kids had so much fun with this and did really well! I was super impressed with my little artists.
The next day we completed an oviparous animal prediction chart! I found this terrific activity in Katie Mense's "Are these animals oviparous?" center pack. I mixed it up a little bit though and modified it for the smartboard! I created a document that had a picture of each animal on a smartboard slide with the next slide telling whether it is oviparous or not. The kids took out both a green and a red crayon.
I started by showing the first slide, which was a frog (that corresponded to Katie's prediction sheet). Under the prediction column, the littles colored either a green dot for YES, a frog is oviparous or a red dot for NO, a frog is not oviparous. Then we would go to the next slide. That slide told us whether the frog was oviparous. The kids then colored in the correct color under the results column. They totally loved this one! They were cheering and screaming each time they got one right. HA!
I have more fun to share with you tomorrow, but I will try to keep this post less than 400 pages long ha! I have a tendency to cram way too much into my posts.
Don't forget to join the fun and hop along in the Hippity Blog Hop hosted by the fabulous Mrs. Leeby! I am loving being a part of it, sooo many goodies and what an amazing giveaway!!
Love and hugs!!

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  1. Your spring break sounds absolutely heavenly! I have a problem of the DVR being completely booked too. It's going to be even worse next year when I have to go to bed earlier for student teaching!

    That box top story is so precious! What a sweetie! But that book! Oh lord! Who proofreads these things? It is the most ridiculous sentence to use!

    All your oviparous activities are fantastic! Your kiddos are little artists! Love it! I absolutely love the little What's Hatching book! Too cute!

    Enjoy your break!


  2. Have a super break!!! Relax and enjoy some YOU time :)


  3. I have a very similar spring break list of lists! School creating, sleeping, reading for fun and mani/pedi are must dos! Have a great break!

  4. Bahahaha I am in the car headed to the beach with my K teacher friend and we laughed hysterically at that book! Lol...thanks for the fun freebie! Have a fabulous break :)

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I really appreciate it...I am now your newest follower, too! :)

    I LOVE the box top story...that is just precious! What a sweetie! :)

    I too am obsessed with making lists..There are times that if it's not on a list, it's not getting done! I will make my lists on the back of envelopes, the back of lunch menus, other hand-outs that go home with the kids, sticky notes! That reminds me, I need to make my TO DO: list for tomorrow (my last day of Spring Break)! :(

    Enjoy your Spring Break!!

    Beth :)

  6. Oh my word Khrys I am pretty much crying from laughing about that book! Seriously?! It doesn't even make sense! Bahaha!


  7. The egg activities are so cute, thanks for the freebie - I am going to do this when I go back to school. Enjoy your spring break. I am your knee is better.

    The First Grade Princess

  8. I LOVE what you've been up to and I can't wait to use your sort! You rock, honey buns! May I call you honey buns? Ha!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  9. Hahaha! Your funny stories cracked me up. The box tops story is priceless. That little boy sounds so sweet.

    Your bucket list is a lot like mine. I hope you do get to relax and enjoy your time off!

    Compassionate Teacher

  10. Very cute activities! Thanks for sharing and linking up with my "Spring Break Bucket List" linky! I am now following you, so glad you stopped by!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  11. What an AMAZING post! It's full of laughter and freebies. I already downloaded the hatched from an egg or not activity! Now I just need to see how soon I can go pick up some plastic eggs! Thanks a bunch!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  12. Wow! You have so many great ideas. We start animals and life cycles in two weeks, so I cannot wait to put these in actions. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas! :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  13. I am so glad I found your blog over by your guest post! Fabulous ideas:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  14. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and links for an Oviparous Unit! I'm definitely going way more indepth next year!

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