Woo Hoo! FFF Day 2 - TPT Giveaway

Good morning my dears!!! Is everyone enjoying their break as much as I am? I just LOVE relaxing! I cannot wait to hear how your Black Friday shopping went, or should I say Black Thursday. What is up with that anyway? Stores opening for Black Friday at 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving?!? That's crazy. And it ruins the fun for me. Sigh. What is this country coming to? Of course I still went though, so they win in the end :) I go to Target each year and buy a bunch of crap that I don't need. The hype just gets to me. When I see people grabbing things I automatically go into panic mode and think I need one, so I buy random things and then have buyer's remorse the next day. Kinda feeling that right now. Except for the blankets and pants. Target always has these softy soft blankets on sale and cozy PJ pants that I buy in bulk each year. I am all about the coziness in life.

So let's get moving with the:

If you missed my post yesterday, be sure to go check it out HERE. You still have a chance to win my Font Pack giveaway!

Today's flashback and fotos come from the beginning of this year.

My kids LOVED making Friendship Fruit Salad. It was a huge hit.
You will need:
Large Bowl
Pre-cut Strawberries
Apple Slices
One Rotten Banana
Paper Bowls

This is how I explained it to the kids:
The bowl is our classroom. Right now it is empty and what was how our classroom wasb efore you got here. Pretty boring! That's why I was so excited when you came! Let's add some fun to our bowl, just like you add fun to our classroom. There are so many important things that our classroom needs to help it to be a special place to learn and play. 

We then discussed different things that are important! Each fruit represents one of those things.
Apples represent the hard workers
Grapes represent the friends who share
Strawberries represent the love we have for one another
Marshmallows represent the kind words we use
Bananas represent honesty


Then I said we had one more ingredient to add and pulled out the rotten banana. I pretended like I was going to add it and they started to freak out a bit. I asked them why they didn't want me to add it. That led us to our next discussion - we don't want to add the rotten banana. This banana represents the people who don't share or follow directions, or call people names, etc. They shared why they did not want those type of people in our room and how we could be the yummy ingredients instead!

After making the fruit salad, we went outside to enjoy it together!

 The next part of my flashback comes from one of my favorite times of year - Apple Time!!

We usually do an entire week of apple themed activities in our room to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday! We started with an apple taste testing to see which color apple we liked the best!


{The kids were seriously amazed by the apple cutter!}


First we tried the green apples! They were pretty tart!!

{Most of them really liked them though!}

 {After trying all of the apples, we made a SmartBoard graph to see which type we liked the best. I was surprised to see that yellow won by a long shot!

The next day, we made cute little Johnny Appleseed hats. I found the apples at the Dollar Tree. I bought black posterboard and chopped it into 6 inch wide strips for the pot. Then I cut the handles and the kids glued it all together :) The hats have their name on it with Appleseed after it. For example, Jackson Appleseed. Not an original idea, but totally cute!

We then made Rice Krispie apples! They are always super messy and fun to make and the kids LOVE them. The recipe is super easy. We make Rice Krispy treats using the microwavable recipe. When it is still hot and gooey we add a pack of strawberry jello and some red food coloring. We mix it all up and then the kids shape it into circles. They push their finger into the top to leave a little indent for the stem.


{The stem is a tootsie roll and the leaf is just green frosting that the kids squeezed on}


We also made delicious  crock pot applesauce/chunks! It's not truly applesauce because we don't squish it into sauce. We leave the big chunks so they can chew it. It's more like apple pie really. This is one of my FAVORITE treats to make. It makes the classroom smell so good while it cooks all day and it tastes yummy! We used red apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.


We topped it with honey Teddy Grahams, which tasted just like crust! Mmmmm!


Apples are so much fun. They had a blast throughout the week!

And that concludes Day Two's flashbacks and fotos! Ready for the freebies?!

Since it is day 2, today's giveaway is the choice of any 2 products from my TPT store. And I will be choosing 2 winners! To have your chance to win, all you have to do is:

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*Leave a comment sharing either: one fun thing you bought on Black Friday, one funny thing you saw on Black Friday, OR one of your favorite things to do with your class in the Fall!

Be sure to do the things above by this Sunday, December 1st at noon.

Hooray for Day 2! Good luck - I hope you win :)


  1. I went to Walmart and Target (late last night) and scooted some great Bluray movies for stocking stuffers! Too day I'm trying to decide if I want to go out shopping, shop from my computer, or decorate my house! :-)

  2. I follow all! I bought clipart from Kate Hadfield and also bought clothes for my kids from Gymboree! Great deals!


  3. I bought a sheet set for my bed and some movies at Target!

  4. I bought 2 iPad-minis and an awesome pair of boots. I follow all and am so glad you are back!

  5. I follow both! I didn't go out and do any shopping....I did it online! I like to make special treats with my kids in the fall.


  6. I follow both your blog & TPT store. I went to Kohls & the lines to cash out went all the way around the store. There was nothing that I needed that badly so I left. I did buy a few things on my kids' lists at the mall. dbednarsk@yahoo.com

  7. I follow your blog and now TPT store. I was sad because I didn't need anything, but I managed to get in the middle of the Walmart chaos for Crayola Twistables and Sharpies! Lol! higgystyx@yahoo.com

  8. I follow both your blog and your tpt store. I would have been happy in my pjs all day, but we did venture out to buy a couple gifts. We went to Cabela's and Target, but didn't go until later in the morning, so it wasn't at all crazy!
    Kari :)

  9. I ventured online and purchased from 3 stores. I bought some things for me. ((hee-hee) which I never do, so I spoiled myself with boots, leggings and a tunic top. Not sure how it will look since I'm short and curvacious but decided on short boots instead of the long ones. We'll see. I hope I look as glam as I think I should look. Hope I win! kindercards@gmail.com

  10. I follow you here and on TPT. I avoided Black Friday completely and loaded my cart for the TPT sale on cyber Monday!

  11. I follow both. I like to take my class to a pumpkin patch in the fall!

  12. I follow both. I'm getting ready for cyber Monday. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


  14. I love making applesauce with my class. I am following both.