It's Bridal Shower Time!

I'm so glad you came back today to reminisce with me! The other day we talked ALL about the bachelorette party of the year. Today I'm going to share with you my sister's radical bridal shower that I threw for her! A little side note, my sister and I loooooooove the 80s. It's a thing of ours. SO when it came to planning her bridal shower, I knew I had to make it unique and personalized just for her!
Here's how it went down:

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Date: February 2014
Theme: Flashback to the 80s

Welcome back to the 80s!! 
I posted a sign at the front of the building to help guests know where to find us! Did you know that you can make a powerpoint slide, save it as an image, and upload it to the Staples website to create posters and signs? I created the signs and posters below. Staples was having a 50% off sale at the time and I took full advantage.

The sign on the front door:

I went a little wild with the decorations, but was super happy with how it turned out!

I created a "buffet" where guests could help themselves to the food and drinks! I had the event catered by a delicious local restaurant, Two Meatballs in the Kitchen!

Aren't the little toothpicks adorable?! I found the cutest 80s clipart on Etsy and it worked perfectly!!

The most important people in my life:
My Mary, My Mommy, and My Big Sissy!

 Here's some 80s fun!

 My favorite part of the whole shower was the party games!! The first game was a version of the traditional "christmas paper plate" game where you have to draw a christmas scene without looking given specific directions. Click HERE to see the original christmas game.

I switched it up and made a bridal shower version where they had to draw a wedding scene based on specific directions. It was HILARIOUS!!

The second game I made was called "Making Faces". In paint, I took a picture of the groom and cropped out the center of his face so it was only the outline with no facial features. I cut up the original picture of the groom and put the facial features in a baggie. I then printed a bunch of photos of mens faces and cut those facial features and mixed them in the baggie. The object of the game was to find the correct facial features that belonged to the groom and create his face!

Next we played Bridal Shower Scattegories. I created my own version to make it fit the 80s theme!

We also played Bridal Bingo when opening gifts!!

The bride's favorite game was a version of The Newlywed Game. I asked the groom a series of questions before the shower. I printed the questions on one side of the paper and the grooms answers on the other side. At the shower I asked my sister to answer the questions how she felt her fiancee would have answered them. Then I flipped them over to see if they matched!

For each game, the winner received a little prize: scratchoffs, a publix gift card, and a dove bar!

Finally it was time for gifts!! There were so many fantastic things :)

The very last piece!! I created an 80s candy bar for guests to stop at on their way out, complete with pop rocks, rock candy, and those little candy lipsticks!! The party favors were ring pops in adorable clear and gold boxes. It was perfect because it was an 80s candy AND the ring theme went well with the whole wedding thing haha!

And there you have it!! An 80s style bridal shower, done to the max! I found some of these fun 80s ideas from J. At Your Service. Man was I exhausted when that was over. My sister could not have been happier though, and it made it MORE than worth it. My sister will only get married once and I figured this was my one shot at being her maid of honor, so I went hard.

That is all for now chickies and dudes!
Tomorrow I will share with you my Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony :)

Love and hugs!


  1. What a lucky sister you have!!! :)

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