Ready, Set, SNOW! (and a freezbie - ha)

Happy Saturday everyone!! Only 9 school days left until Christmas break friends, and three of those days are half days. WOO I'm so thrilled! This week our classroom was filled with snowy Florida days (not something you usually hear about). We read some of my favorite snow books:
Snowmen at ChristmasSnowmen at WorkSnowmen All Year
The Snowy Day  SnowKaty and the Big Snow Book & CD
I just LOVE winter stories and so do my little ones! They really enjoy hearing about the snow, since 90% of my students have never seen it before. On Monday we began learning about what snow was and how it is formed and the difference between solids and liquids. To help them understand, I tried to relate it to something they could understand! We discussed that when you put water in the freezer it freezes and if you put it in the oven it would melt. That is what happens with snow - in the Northern states it is cold (like the freezer) so the snow stays solid and in Florida it is hot (like the oven) so the rain becomes a liquid! It definitely helped them to see the difference between the two. We then created a chart to compare solids and liquids. Students cut pictures out of magazines and glued them on the appropriate sides.

I had to remove the picture of the pretend martini glass that one of my kiddies cut out of Oriental Trading magazine. Hey, at least he put it on the correct side :)

Next we filled in solid and liquid poems by adding the missing sight words. You can check this out in my TPT store by clicking the picture below or clicking HERE.

Then we played the "Melt an Ice Cube" game from Litte Giraffes. Click the picture below to snag it for yourself!

On Tuesday we grew our own snowflakes by using boiling water, borax, and pipe cleaners. The kids bent and connected their pipe cleaners to look like snow flakes and we soaked them in the borax water overnight. Little "ice" crystals grew on them! How neat :)

Later in the week we made a chart to share what we would do if it were a snowy day in Florida!

I just looooove the snowball fight and the snow angel :)

On Thursday we created puffy snowman by mixing shaving cream and glue. I love the texture that it becomes when it drys. It is fluffy and puffy! The kids were surprisingly mess-free after it was all said and done. I used the same formula to make moons last year and my kids were absolutely covered in the stuff from head to toe. I think I learned my lesson and set better boundaries this time around. HA! Didn't they come out sooooo cute?!

 And finally, yesterday was the best of all! We created Snowman Sundaes!! YUM! This was the kids favorite snow activity, of course!

  After snacking on our delicious snowman treats, we created a graph to determine what our favorite part of the sundae was.

I was surprised to find out that they loved the Twizzlers the best! I sent home the recipe with the kids to share with their families at home. If you would like to get your copy of the adorable recipe card and the materials for the graph, click HERE.
What a crazy cold week we had. For our December Family project the kids are creating a Snow Person! I supplied the kids with 3 sturdy paper plates (small, medium, and large) and a letter explaining the project. Click on the picture below to get your FAMILY PROJECT FREEBIE!

And here's a little elf update... We found Sprinkles bungee jumping from the ceiling using a slinky! That silly elf :)
Next week it's gingerbread time - my faaaaavorite! I'd love to hear what you do for gingerbread week with your kids. Have a fabulous weekend friends :)

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  1. I love these ideas!!!! I'm going back through and reading all your posts! So fun!!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!