Sometimes You Just Have to Say... ELF IT!

Ok, so I may have to officially change my blog name to "Keepin' it (uncontrollably) Krazy in KinderLand". Sheesh, this has been quite the week. Anyone else feeling the Christmas Crazies yet?! Gosh that break is close, but oooooh so far! We've been doing lots of fun snow activities this week, but I'll post about that this weekend. I don't have a long post in me tonight :( Monday through Wednesday were louder than usual, but definitely manageable. But then today came. I was practically horse by the end of the day, I had to talk so loudly just to be heard! After a semi-decent morning, I glanced up at the clock during centers and was horrified that we were already a few minutes late for lunch. I knew that by the time we got lunch tags on and made it to the cafeteria, we would be suuuuuuper late, so we rushed!! We just about ran down the hall (so not how we usually are! I can't stand the craziness in the hallway - but we were late, people) and guess who we careened into? Yup, our Assistant Principal. I. wanted. to. rip. my. hair. out. "Is everything ok? Your kids seem a bit wild today" he says. "Oooh it's my fault, we are running (literally - ha) a bit late to lunch, just trying to get there on time!" He looks at me strangely, but walks away. That was just the beginning of the afternoon from (not going to say what I want to say here). I won't make you read my long ranting. I will sum it up in 10 words/phrase or less and you can figure it out on your own: spills, slipping, milk everywhere, climbing, getting stuck, screaming, someone's lost, someone's biting, crying, chewing glue, snot, poop on the wall, meltdown. I have a 10 minute story for each of those words. SIGH!! Tomorrow will be a better day friends! Sometimes you just gotta say ELF IT all!!!

So let's get to the elfing festivities, shall we?! Sprinkles has been quite a little sweetie this week! On Monday he delivered stockings for each of my lovelies! I painted their names at the top and they got to decorate them with the fun decorations Sprinkles left for them.

 After they finished decorating their stockings, I hung them up on the back wall for everyone to see! (sorry the picture is so crooked - apparently I am not the best photographer!) The kids were soooo excited to have a stocking up just for them! I use them as a behavior management tool during the holidays. At the end of each day in December, any students that are on GREEN, ORANGE, or PURPLE (these are our good colors on our class behavior clip chart) get to choose a prize from the Treasure Box and put it in their stocking! They get to take their stockings home on the last day of school before Christmas break.

 Doesn't it just look so cute all lit up?! I wish we could leave the lights off all day and enjoy the holiday lights! It may be hard to teach that way though.

After hanging up our stockings, we decorated our Christmas tree together while jamming out to our favorite holiday music!! I'm a sucker from the Carpenters version of "Home for the Holidays". LOVE!
On Tuesday, Sprinkles had a super special treat waiting for us when we arrived:
 Hmmm... what could it be? Goodness me, it's MAGIC ELF SEEDS!  Haha :) So cute! The kids were so excited that they were practically convulsing. Sprinkles left us a bowl, sugar, magic red sprinkles, and magic elf seeds.

 There was also a super sweet poem from Santa explaining exactly what we should do with the things he sent us. It was silent in the room (quite the rarity) as I read the letter to them. 

 The letter explained that we should pour the enchanted sugar in the bowl. Then, each little kiddie planted their magic seed in the sugar and blew it a kiss to make sure it felt loved! After all the seeds were in, each child sprinkled a bit of Christmas magic (red sprinkles) on top to help the seeds grow!

 We left the bowl out overnight and waited patiently to see what would grow!

  The next morning the kids came racing in to see if their seeds had grown! And wowie wow wow, did they ever!! They grew into big tall candy canes and each one had a little message on it straight from the North Pole!

And there you have it! Another successful elf adventure! The kids just love that elf! 
If want your elf to deliver magic elf seeds from the North Pole to your class, check it out at my TPT store by clicking on the picture below!
Well, my lovely friends, I think I am off to bed! I need to be well rested if tomorrow is anything like today!! YAAAAY FRIDAY!!! Have a Fabulous Friday :)

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