Teacher Wishlist Linky and Flash Giveaway Winners

Happy Saturday sweet friends! HOoOoOly Crow! There is only 1 more day until I go back to school! EEK! Get ready, because next week I am going to be posting pictures and ideas galore! I'm going to start by telling you the winners of my flash giveaway. I have to say thank you so much for all the sweet and funny comments you all left me on my last post!! You helped make me feel like I was not the only clumsy nut job in this world (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible!) I know that I said I was picking 3 winners, but I couldn't stop myself, so I picked 4. Here they are:
Congrats to the following beautiful people! Be sure to check your email!
#2: Stacy Renee - You won my 3D Shapes Mini Book!
#5: Amber - You won my Color Mini Book
#15: Jessica - 2D and 3D Shapes Mini Books
#18: Becky - 2D and 3D Shapes Mini Books
I hope you are able to use these with your littles! Thanks for all of your support!
And now I am going to be linking up with the super-de-duper awesome Melissa over at First Grade Smiles for her Teacher Wishlist linky! If you haven't already joined in the fun, be sure to click the picture below to link up! And be sure to follow Melissa's blog, she is a rockstar.
This is the very best becasue I LOVE buying things. Seriously. TOO much. Here are a few things that I have my eye on!

As just about everybody in the entire world knows, these markers are the BEST. I use (and smell) them at least 5 times each day. They are a total must for morning message and for creating anchor charts!

The picture above on the right is a box of Hot Dots. If you haven't tried these before, they are pretty cool! The box contains little cards with different skills on them. Students use a special pen to choose an answer to a question. If they get it correct, it dings, and if they choose the wrong answer, it buzzes. I have had these on my wishlist foooorever. One of these days I'm just going to buy them :)

Sam's Snack was one of my absolute favorite books as a kid. I literally cannot find this book anywhere for a reasonable price! I would love to have a copy. The second book is The Leprechaun Trap. I'm going to need to grab this one soon because I have a lot of fun ideas coming up for March :)

I do morning yoga with my littles each day and this set is a must! I have a poster that contains all of the different poses, but I do not have the book. I need to get a copy!

And of course I had to add a few things from my TPT wishlist as well!

 I hope you will link up! I would love to see what is on your wishlist!

Love and hugs to you all and enjoy your weekend!


  1. You are TOO sweet Khrys!!! I loved reading your wishlist. I have also had Hot Dots on my wishlist FOREVER!!! I used them a long time ago when I student taught, but I can never bring myself to spend the money. It's funny - I will buy 20 different things that add up to a large sum of money, but I am less likely to buy one large item for the same amount. Something is wrong with my logic :) Thanks again - so happy you linked up!

    First Grade Smiles

  2. I JUST bought the book, "ABC's of Yoga." It's in the January flyer from Scholastic (not sure which club, but one of the younger ones). Just came in the mail this week! Wasn't a horrible price too if I remember. Love it! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the 3D shapes mini book. It's great! I love Mr. Sketch markers! My kindergarten daughter has a set of hot dots. She loves it!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  4. Khrys, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You left such sweet words! Your blog is just adorable and I can't wait to read more of your posts! I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  5. Congrats to your lucky winners and to you for getting to go back to school! I love smelly stuff! I want Mr. Sketch markers!! :)

  6. Have a great day back Khrys!! I know your kids are going to be so glad to have you back!! :)