FFF Day 4 - Ultimate Christmas Giveaway

This is so fun! I am loving all this giveaway goodness! Today is Day 4 of this super exciting week :)

I will announce all of the winners after the final day of Flashbacks, Fotos, and Freebies, which will be Day 5!

Today's flashback is from October - Halloween! YAY! I loooooved Halloween this year :)

To get ready for the spooky day, we carved our pumpkins together! I had quite a few friends who were totally NOT into getting their hands yucky. I was pretty surprised actually, usually they just shove their hands right in there! We separated the seeds from the pulp so we could cook and eat the seeds the next day!

{I always have the kids draw what they want our pumpkins to be carved into. Then we take a class vote and pick the faces that we like the best!}



Then it was finally Halloween!! The kids were so excited. We started our day with a creepy snack - Vampire Donuts! They loved the donuts, but liked the teeth the most!

Here are all my little cutie pies dressed up in costume:

Our team decided to dress up in theme this year - The Wizard of Oz! I was Glinda the Good Witch, of course. I love anything pink, fluffy, and sparkly. I went a little wild and spent like $50 on that crown and $30 on the wand. Don't ask me what I was thinking. I lost my mind (like the scarecrow!) The tin-man is my besty down the hall! She rocks :)

So then it was time for trick-or-treating! We went around the entire school collecting candy!

After trick-or-treating, we came back to the room for some spooky centers and games!

{Witch Pitch}


 {Pass the Pumpkin}

 {Pumpkin Painting}

{Graveyard Grub}

 {Pumpkin Bowling}

 We really had a ton of fun! I was lucky enough to have three amazing parent volunteers to help me out, I couldn't have done half of those things without them. I can't believe that was already a month ago - sheesh!

Hooray, I'm almost caught up to NOW! Only one more flashback day and I will be current again :) That also means only ONE more freebie day!

Let me tell you about today's special freebie! Today I am giving away something super awesome and perfect for December - an Ultimate Christmas Pack full of all of my holiday products! I will choose 2 lucky winners through Rafflecopter who will take home this big winter wonder!

Good luck friends! Thanks so much for joining me this week for all of my flashbacks :)


  1. I like to do Lucky Charm Graphing. They can use fun shapes and it is a snack.

  2. We always do a St. Patrick's Day writing where we catch a Leprechaun, but I've always wanted to do more. I'd love to use the Naughty Leprechaun and make that time of year even more fun!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! Our leprechaun always leaves footprints all over the room and leaves a treat at the end. I would LOVE to win the Ultimate Christmas Pack! Thanks for the chance.

  4. I sometimes make a leprechaun pie.

  5. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


  6. We leave a trail of green glitter throughout the school and the kids have fun trying to catch the leprechaun...when we arrive back in class we find that he has left us goodies!

  7. We make Leprechaun traps and the leprechaun always gets away! He leaves candies and makes a mess with glitter. We make the pudding in baby food jars-pistachio-that turns green when you shake it that he leaves for us.