We Are Official Elves!

It's ELF TIME! I seriously love elf activities and so do the kids. This week was FULL of elftastic adventures! On Monday, we read the story "The Littlest Elf". It's always a winner in our room. They love the cute pictures and the story is so sweet.

After reading the story, we talked about each of the different jobs elves can have up at the North Pole. The students then had to decide whether they would like to be an elf! We used our SmartBoard for this. Of course most of the class said they would want to be an elf, but two little friends were not interested.

After making our graph, I told them that I was speaking with Santa on the phone the other day and he was mentioning that he could really use a few more elves to help him out. I told Santa that I had a class full of friends who would LOVE to help him out this year. So, Santa mailed us some super important Elf Applications for the kids to fill out. We talked about what an application is and why you would need to apply for something. We even talked about the importance of doing our best work because first impressions count and we want Santa to hire us as helpers. Each child had to choose which job they would like at the North Pole and fill out a short questionnaire to see if they would qualify. The job choices were: Toy Maker, Treat Baker, Reindeer Caretaker, and Gift Wrapper.


After completing their applications, I mailed them to the North Pole for them. The very next day (Santa works fast) we found a package under the Christmas tree from Santa himself!

When we opened it, we found a letter from Santa, our elf applications {now with the official seal of the North Pole and Santa's signature}, and very special Elf IDs with each student's name on it! Santa's letter explained that he sent back all of the applications and approved them for the job they applied for. Although he didn't need any helpers at the North Pole at this time, he did want them to have special jobs in our room so he sent Official Elf IDs. Here are the special classroom jobs:
*Toy Makers: make sure all the toys, games, and center activities are put away each day
*Treat Bakers: pass out snack each day
*Gift Wrappers: pass out our little treats for our Rocking Stockings each day
*Reindeer Caretakers: take care of our 'Reindeer on the Roof' each day

Official Seal of the North Pole and Santa's Initials

Here is their reaction after seeing their approved applications and hearing me read the letter:

After we calmed down a bit (good grief), we filled out our Elf Ids. I laminated them overnight and added some string so they could wear them as necklaces. They loved it!

You can have official elves in your room too by grabbing a copy of my Elf Application Set!

Get ready for tomorrow... I'll tell you ALL about our new mischief maker!
Love and hugs!

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