Kinder Kid Said Whaaat? {A New Linky!}

Hello fabulous you! I'm starting something new today. The new school year is about to begin and I'm in total stress mode people. I've been trying to remind myself of all the things I love about my job and if there is one thing that I love more than anything else, it is listening to the things my crazy kids say. They literally make me bust out laughing every day. Half the time they don't even mean to be funny, they just plain are.

I try to write things down as often as possible, because I can never remember exactly how it went down later. You know that awkward moment when you try to explain a funny story to someone, and you're like "no wait, first he said, no I mean, well anyway..." and you finally get done and they give you a pity chuckle, "heh heh" and you say "Well it was funnier then, you had to be there." That happens to me allll the time. Hence, I must write things down. I have a word document with about 50 pages of funny things I have heard over the past few years and countless sticky notes with scribbled quotes from my kinder krew. I have decided to start a weekly linky where I will share some of the hilarity that is my life with you. Let me introduce you to...

To kick things off, I will share a few of my favorites from this year :)

 There was many-a-time this year that I had to just take a break for a few minutes to collect myself. My kids this year were mini-adults, they knew EVERYTHING and had no shame in sharing it.
I love them so much :)

 Now that I have shared a few from my group, I would LOVE to hear from you!
This is a no pressure, link up whenever you feel like it, or don't link up at all, kind of linky.
You can link up once a week, once a month, once ever, or just stop by to read some of the funny things that people share!

Link up if you are a teacher of ANY grade level or a parent with a funny child!

Here are some blank templates that you can use if you want, or you can just type it in a regular post!

 I hope you'll join me in sharing the funny with the world!
XO -Khrys


  1. These are cute - and you're right, need to write them down so you don't forget, cuz I don't have any good ones to share with you! Sara

  2. I posted a few of these kinder quotes on IG last year because they were too good not to share! I am so excited to join in your linky party this year! A retired teacher gifted me a journal specifically to write down the funny quotes so I will always remember them. Can't wait to see what those kinder babies come up with!

  3. I had a kid graphing Easter jelly beans. He was an autistic kid. He but into one a d kept saying "soulate". I couldn't for the life of me get it. Finally he made a brush teeth sign. "Colgate" the jelly bean tastes like Colgate tooth paste!!! Haha

  4. Oh MY!!! LOVE IT!! If I was a blogger I would totally do this link up! Thank you so much for the laughs!

  5. HeHe- love this idea, hopefully I will be able to catch my kiddos with some good one's this year. For a good laugh - a few years ago one of my first grade teachers said something to the effect of "let's get this done before the cows come home" one of my little ESL students asked when they were all finished "did we beat the cows?" (I may be paraphrasing - but that is the jist)! too adorable!

  6. Finally had time to blog and I just had to link up for this! Gotta love those kinder babies!