HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope everyone is enjoying the three Thanksgiving F's -  friends, family, and (most importantly) FOOD! I am relaxing in my favorite recliner with a glass of hot apple cider and my 2 fuzzy puppies curled up next to me. Ahhhhh, this is the life! I know that as a new blogger, there are not many people out there reading this, but I am so grateful for those of you that are! I just love being able to participate in such a fun community of teachers sharing and learning from one another. In order to celebrate my blog, my lovely followers, and my TPT followers, I am throwing a CYBER MONDAY SALE! Starting Monday, November 26th, enjoy up to 28% off of my products! Please visit my store and roll in the discounts by clicking the link below:

Cyber Monday

This is a fabulous time to start preparing for December! Here are some of my festive products that will be on sale!
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SANTA'S ORDINAL SLEIGH RIDE: This fun activity is a great and festive way to practice numerical order (putting numbers in order) and ordinal numbers (first, second, etc.) Your kids will love coloring and ordering the reindeer for Santa's holiday sleigh ride! Don't forget to color in Rudolph's nose!


SHOPPING FOR SANTA'S SUIT: This festive activity is engaging, educational, and fun! Your students will LOVE using their number and/or money skills to shop for Santa's Suit! There are two options included in this package. The first option allows students to use a coin spinner and 'money' to buy Santa's suit. The second option allows students to roll dice and numbers to buy Santa's suit. This can be used as an independent center or as a whole group activity. The activity is lots of fun and the outcome is adorable!

 CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN CHAIN: This festive activity is engaging, educational, and fun! Your students will LOVE using their number skills to link together the days until Christmas! With a complete chain, students will cut one each day until they reach the star. When they cut the last link and reach the star, it will be Christmas Day!

I am so thankful for all of you! Enjoy this time off to relax with loved ones! Happy Eating Everyone!


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    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thank you so so much! I am just thrilled thrilled thrilled! I cannot wait to pay it forward to some other AMAZING blogs out there! Thanks again :)

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