Liebster Award - Take 2!!

Wowie Wow Wow! I am so honored and super excited that I have been nominated a second time for the fantastic Liebster Award!
Thank you soooo very much to Jill Cruz over at Cruz'n In First!
Here are my answers to her sparkling questions:
How long have you been a teacher?
*I am currently in my third year as a kindergarten teacher!

What was your best purchase from TPT?
*Deanna Jump's Common Core Standards Posters for kindergarten
*This saved me soooo much time and they are adorable :)

How do you celebrate Christmas in your classroom in one or two sentences?
*Lots of fun, music, and food! I do weekly holiday themes for the 4 weeks up to the christmas break, for example: elf week, snow week, gingerbread week, etc.

How did you discover the blogging world?
*A friend of mine mentioned BabblingAbby's blog 'The Inspired Apple' and that was it, I was hooked!

What is your favorite read aloud?
*I looooove the book 'Big Pumpkin' by Erica Silverman. This was my favorite book as a child and my kids just adored it this year. I make sure to do all the voices and my kids were rolling on the floor when I did the vampire voice!

What are you wishing for this Christmas-money is no object?

*A Canon EOS Rebel t3i DSLR Camera with both a 18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens! Please oh please santa, let's make this happen!

How do you incorporate learning goals into your day?
*In our classroom we set weekly and daily goals! You can see my goal posters by clicking here!

What is your favorite treat to order from Dairy Queen?
*A banana split! Mmmmm....

Do you wear heels, flats, boots, or other in the classroom?
*I wear heels most days, but lately with the cooler weather I have been on a boot 'kick' (heh heh)

What is your favorite song to listen to when you are sad? ...when you are happy?
*Sad Song: Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle - it gets me every time!
*Happy Song: Valerie by Amy Winehouse - I just love it!!

What was the best field trip you ever went on or planned?
*We went to the circus this past year and it was such a blast! My favorite act was the dancing dogs - they were so darn cute!

So there you have it!! Thank you so much again to my amazing nominators, you have warmed my heart! Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

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