Election Day Fun!!

Happy Election Day! My kids and I had an absolute blasty blast yesterday and today with my election day mini-unit! I could not believe how excited everyone was. That is just one of the many reasons why I loooove kindergarten. The little ones are always on board for what we're doing next :)  Yesterday we began learning about what an election is, why it's important, and discovered what we would be voting for in our room. It was a tough call between our delicious candidates: popsicles and ice cream! After introducing the candidates and what they were bringing to the table (ha!), the kids chose which candidate they were going to campaign for! We made campaign posters to convince others to vote for what we wanted.

After creating our campaign posters, we began our campaign!! The kids really tried to convince each other to switch sides with solid facts. It was hilarious!!
When we finished campaigning, we learned all about the voting process. In order to vote, the kids had to fill out a registration form and receive a registration card in the 'mail' the next day (aka me laminating them and cutting them out that night). The cards came out so cute!

The kids left my room yesterday screaming about popsicles and ice cream all the way down the hall! They could not wait for our election that was held today. It truly was a lot of fun! We went through the entire process as if they were actually voting for the president! I was even the marshal - complete with police hat and badge. So we all lined up to head to the Polling Place (our classroom).
Upon entering the room, they were promptly asked for their voter registration card! After ensuring all the information was correct (hehe) the 'marshal' lead them to the voting booth where they made their difficult and laborious decision. Who would win?!

After voting, they even got their sticker!

After all the votes were in, it was time to tally the results and find our winner! I had two trusty officers deliver the 'locked' ballot box.

 We finally tallied the results and the winner is... (drum roll please) ICE CREAM! Only 4 votes for popsicles and 14 votes for ice cream! (I voted too - I'll never tell!) Tomorrow is celebration day! We will complete our voting graph and results page and eat a big bowl of ice cream to celebrate a successful election!
What a fun few days :) I love election time! If you are interested in doing an election mini-unit of your own, check out my "Let's Vote!" election unit on TeacherspayTeachers.com by clicking the picture below:

Thanks for stopping in! I would love to hear from you - what fun things did you do this election day?! Happy voting everyone!


  1. Your Election Day activities looked so fun! I am your newest follower!

    Kimberly Ann
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    1. Thanks Kimberly Ann! I am so excited you are my newest follower :) Can't wait to check out your blog!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!