DINO-MITE Dinosaur Fun, Comment to Win, and HUGE giveaway!

Hey you sassy things! How is your Friday going?! Mine has been full of ridiculous antics and overall chaos already and it isn't even noon. So pretty much the usual here in kindergarten crazy-ville. I am starting this post on my lunch break (though I won't be finishing it until later tonight) and I am being a total REBEL. Check me out, what a bad a**. If only my kids could see me now - blogging with reckless abandon and eating chocolate pudding with my hands because I forgot a spoon. MWA HA HA!

And now it is like 11 am on Saturday. I only got ^that ^ far yesterday because I ended up spilling pudding on my keyboard. And then I tried to clean it up, which made more of a mess. Then I dropped the paper towel on my lap and had pudding on my pants. And then, while I am frozen with pudding on my hands, pants, and desk (and probably face), my kids walked back in from lunch. They didn't skip a beat, despite the fact that it looked like I had crapped myself. I guess it's pretty normal for them to be covered in random food and slime. Sigh.
Well I wasn't at school on Monday because I had jury duty (seriously?! the day after spring break?! come on people) so I didn't get to do any fun things with the littles. When I came back Tuesday they were pretty stressed about my absence and were convinced that I had gone back under the knife for another knee surgery. I think I traumatized my kids when I was out in February and they may have a bit of separation anxiety. No, for real. One of my littles cries everyday on the way to lunch because she is afraid that I won't be there when she gets back. She makes me promise that I will not be going anywhere.

So of course I had to explain to them that I was not out for another surgery and that I had jury duty, to which they replied, "what is that?" So being the thorough teacher that I am, I decided to seize the teachable moment and introduce them to the judicial system. Just the basics. I explained that sometimes people make very bad choices and sometimes people just think that someone has made a very bad choice and it is up to the people that they choose to be on the jury to decide who is telling truth by listening to all sides of the story. And then I gave the example of how I act as the jury (ahem, all day long) when two of my littles run up to me screaming about one another and I have to listen to both sides of the story and figure out what really happened to decide what the consequences will be. LONG story short, they seemed pretty intrigued by the whole thing. They can truly understand anything when you break it down to their level.

And now I am linking up with the BEAUTIFUL Amanda from Teaching Maddeness for Friday Saturday Flashback. Man, I can't seem to be on time to anything. Better late than never I guess!

This week we learned ALL about dinosaurs and had a total blasty blast. I don't usually teach dinosaurs, but my kids seemed to have a certain fascination with them so I found a way to add it into our learning :) They are pumped up my friends. Literally. They were fist pumping and saying "YEA, DINNNNNOS" when I told them what we were learning about. We got off to a fun start yesterday by reading all about what paleontologists do. We read "Dinosaur Dig" by Susan H. Gray and the kids were really into it. It focuses on all of the different tools that paleontologists need on their journeys. It is a must have for a dino unit.
After reading the story, we created an anchor chart that focused on what tools paleontologists need. I found a few similar ideas floating around pinterest. One version is from the super awesome Sarah over at "First Grader... At Last!" and can be found HERE and another version is from the uber cool Courtney from Swimming into Second and can be found HERE.  While the kids were at lunch, I glued the heading and the picture of Paula onto the brown paper so it was all ready to go. Then I made it into a mystery game. I read the description of each tool and they had to work in teams to guess which tool it was. Then I glued the pictures and the description onto the chart. They really loved this activity!

  The kids completed a student version of the chart by choosing tools, drawing a picture of each, and sounding out the word to write it.
 We also read the story "If the dinosaurs came back" by Bernard Most. The kids were laughing hysterically at this story. It is SO super cute. They completed a writing response activity and wrote about what they would do if the dinosaurs came back. The ideas they came up with were hilarious!

 The next day, I discovered 2 eggs in my backyard and we had NO clue where they came from ;)
Ok, I guess I'll be honest. I bought them on Amazon for like super cheap. Click HERE to check it out.

 The kids wrote about what they thought could be inside the mystery eggs!

We had some predictions of chicks, ducks, birds, alligators, a variety of dinosaurs, humans, cheetahs, and my all time favorite - an Aye-Aye. Have you ever heard of this animal? I had not. Apparently he learned about it in an animal documentary he watched with his family. We had to look it up as a class and this is what we found:

What the he**? I don't know, but if that thing hatches from our egg, I'm gonna flip.
Moving on.
It still hasn't hatched yet, which I thought it would have, so we will have to wait until Monday to see what it is. In case you can't handle the suspense, it is a *SPOILER ALERT* dinosaur. I know, I never would have guessed it either.
We also created our own fossils using salt dough, which came out really cool actually!
(sorry some of the pictures are upside down and sideways. I'm not sure why because it is right-side up on my computer, and I attempted to fix it, but it won't fix. But you get the gist)


 The next day, our class became little paleontologists! EEK! It was so fun, I loved it. I found a bunch of different 'recipes' online for creating dinosaur eggs, but just mixed a few different things together and it worked out really well.
My Recipe:
(made about 20 small-mediumish dino rocks)
2 1/2 cups dirt
2 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups salt
1 cup sand
(enough to make it into a dough, but not too much or it will be too sticky)
Here is how the mix looked before I added the water:

And after the water:

and I used these little dinosaurs I bought on Amazon (72 for under $10) and folded the 'dough' around them. I made into a rock shape and let them dry on the counter for about 3 days!

 The kids used half of a wooden skewer (as the rock hammer/chisel) to dig through and a paint brush to dust off the dirt. They also had their notebooks and a pencil to record observations, just like a real paleontologist!


WHEW, this post is getting seriously long. So sorry for the out pour here.  I didn't really blog all week because I was preparing for my giveaway, so this had become a debrief of the week haha.

During centers, the students worked on some of my BRAND NEW centers that will be available in my upcoming DINOSAUR UNIT!



 HOLY DINOSAUR OVERLOAD! So if you stuck around with me long enough to read this entire post, I am in awe of you. But I hope you will be glad that you did because I am giving away my new Dinosaur Unit to 3 of my fabulous followers! All you need to do is leave a comment below with one thing you liked from this post and your email! I will choose the winners either on Sunday night or Monday morning :)

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  1. Wow! Looks like you had a busy week. Loving all the Dino stuff. Hope I win!! :)

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVED this post. I want to be in your class!!!!!! I would have helped you get the pudding off you... and your keyboard. ;-) So I'm thinking your unit might be too low for my fourthies? :( But I had to comment anyway and tell you I seriously enjoyed reading this. As I do all your posts. :)
    ideas by jivey

  3. Love the mystery eggs! But I am gonna scream if Aye-Aye is for real!!!


  4. Khrys,
    What a fantastic unit! I do a Dino unit each year and will definitely tuck these great ideas away for next year. I especially love the activity where your students got to be paleontologists. And just in case I don't win, I'm adding the unit to my wish list!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Everything y'all did looks so fun! I'm sure your kids had a blast! I also really love how you let them be paleontologists and dig out a dinosaur. That is one of those things they will remember for years to come. The pudding incident sounds like something I would do. Too funny. =)

    K-3 Connection

  6. Oh wow! Would love to win! I loved how the kids made their own fossils with the salt dough!


  7. I want to learn about dinosaurs now!!!! We are doing plants next... I feel like I could fit dinos in with that too, it would be a stretch, but I mean some dinos eat plants!

    Also, my kiddos are just like yours they have TOTAL separation anxiety.

    Have a great weekend!
    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

  8. This unit is so amazing! I lovelovelove the variety of activities you did with your kiddos. The mystery egg and dino dig are great touches too!


  9. This looks awesome! My kids love dinosaurs :) Crossing my fingers for a win on this one!

    Rebecca Thompson


  10. How cute do your kiddos look! LOVE the dino unit!

    Primary Buzz

  11. What on earth?!?! That Aye-Aye is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Yikes. I had to look it up after reading this post. They are not as creepy when grown up, but they certainly aren't gunna win a beauty contest!
    Geesh. Thanks for sharing your weeks adventures in the class.

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  13. I have been trying to get something together for a dino unit with our life cycles! I'd love this!!
    I'm your newest follower, too!
    I LOVE, love the mystery eggs! My kiddos would die! I'd die with that creature came out of one! We made the cookies last year-except when we baked them you couldn't see the imprint anymore! =)
    the tattooed teacher

  14. This post had me hooked from the pudding story and sticking around because I love learning about dinosaurs. I learned a lot of new ideas! My favorite was making dinosaur eggs and pretending to be a paleontologist. So cute!


  15. Hi Khrys! Your post cracked me up, as usual. The pudding story is great! Also, it's so sweet that your kiddos don't want you to go away. They must love you so much!

    Your dinosaur activities look so fun! I really like the egg idea.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Compassionate Teacher

  16. Hilarious!!!

    Pudding story was classic!!! That Aye-Aye is super creepy looking. Your dinosaur unit looks like TONS of fun! All the hands-on learning was awesome. So......pick me, pick me!!! =)

    First Grade Smiles

  17. OK, you cracked me up with the pudding. Were you typing with that finger?

    Love the dino dough...bookmarked this post for next year.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. I love the guessing game for the tools paleontologists use. I've never done that before, but I am now :) Thanks for the great dino ideas!!


  19. Oh my! What wonderful Dino ideas! You had me in tears with the pudding story.

  20. I love the pudding story. That would totally happen to me! Too funny. :)
    I love all of these activities, especially the writing activities. The students look so engaged in every picture. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love all the ideas for a dinosaur unit! Can't wait to incorporate some of them! You are so creative! jilllmarkiel@yahoo.com

  22. My favorite part of your post is the dinosaur fossils. I'm definately going to try this idea out. Thanks! jilllmarkiel@yahoo.com

  23. Wow! I like all of your neat ideas. Your class looks like they had a lot of fun!



  25. Oh my heavens, Khrys! That is one ugly creature! haha

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  26. This is an awesome unit! I love how you had them be paleontologists! My kids want to study dinosaurs for our Sharon the planet unit. Great ideas!!

  27. This is an awesome unit! I love how you had them be paleontologists! My kids want to study dinosaurs for our Sharon the planet unit. Great ideas!!