First Day Fabulous!

Aaaaah the first day of kindergarten! A day full of excitement, anticipation, fun, and a bit of fear (for everyone). I want my new sweeties to have a total blast and I want it to be memorable for them. I also want to maintain my sanity and not roll away as a massive ball of stress. It's a thin line my friends, a thin line. But I walk it, and honestly, this was one of the smoothest first days I've ever had! My newly-made kinders are completely adorbs and fabulous, of course. I love them already!

One thing that I do on the first day is make them a first day pin! I've made them many different ways in the past but this year I thought up a quick, easy, and super cute way and the kids loved them!


I bought wooden rounds, Mod Podge, and sticky pin backs from A.C. Moore - all for under $10 (my A.C. Moore is a liquidation store and everything is 40% off all the time)! I then made the button faces in powerpoint, making sure the diameter matched the size of the wooden rounds. I printed them on REGULAR white paper - not cardstock.

I painted the back of each paper round with Mod Podge and stuck it to the wood. I then painted a thin coat on the top of each button.

After letting them dry for about an hour, I stuck the pin backs on.

That was it - easy peasy!! They looked so sweet on the kids :) They were proud to wear them home as brand new kindergartners!

I also made first-day crowns for them to wear! We colored and decorated together and they wore them home!

We had a blast getting to know each other! One fun activity we completed was a fun and simple "Colors of My Rainbow" activity.
The kids color each section of the rainbow to correspond with the words written on it. For example, eye color or their favorite color.

You can snag it in my TPT store below!

What was your first day of school like?! I hope it was FABULOUS!


  1. Your buttons are adorable! I love the bright colors. It looks like you had an awesome first day.
    Thanks for sharing

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  3. Do you sell/have a template of the first day pins?