Letter of the Week Interactive Notebook = Awesome!

I am SUPER excited to share my newest creation with you! This year I am introducing my little learners to Interactive Notebooks! I wanted the students to be able to work on one letter each week and complete a variety of activities to help them truly master the letter and sound. This thought led me to creating my brand new "Interactive Letter of the Week Notebook"! I made a version in both D'nealian and Primary style fonts. I always have a very hard time finding resources in D'nealian (which is what we use at our school) so I was sure to make both versions!

I have the students complete and add one activity to their notebook each day. This allows five days of interactive activities focused on the letter we are working on that week. You could really mix and match the activities and days however you want!

Each pack includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, as well as the 5 long vowel sounds, making it ready to use for 31 weeks!!

Check them out and see if you think they could work for your letter-learners as well! You can download a free preview set for the "Letter A" for each type - just click the links below!



I hope you can use this fun and engaging tool in your classroom!!

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