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  1. Thank You for such a wonderful site! Can you please send me a link to your December Family Project Snowman People. I cannot seem to find it on your site.Thank You So Much!!

  2. I would like to use your KB the Flower Farm font commercially. I would like to use your font for stools that I sell primarily to tennis players. Parents and friends like them to sit on while watching kids/friends play. How do I proceed to purchase use of your font? I tried emailing you from, but the email failed. Appreciate your help!

  3. Hi there Khrys!! You have an amazing talent! I sent you an email, but I am covering all bases here! I would very much like a commercial license for one of your fonts for a small business logo. Please check your email!! :) Many Blessings.

    Jerry & Sunny

  4. Hello!! I LOVE your end of the year ceremony! I was wondering how you made the kid's silhouettes?