I am super thrilled to share my bright, bold, and super organized new classroom! I am completely loving it too. It took countless hours and lots of hard work, but I am very happy with the end result. It makes me happy to be there each day and most importantly - the kids love it! There is a place for everything and that certainly helps the little ones to become part of the daily routines.

Enough with the jibber-jabber already! Here's the big reveal :)

Let's begin with the BEFORE pictures, and let me tell you people - they are nooooot pretty.

This is how everything was when I returned. A large pile of my junk HA!

And this horrible sight was my storage closet - YIKES!! That tiny room was completely packed as well. I certainly had my work cut out for me.

Here's the overall room from a few different angles.

The view from my small group table:

My super cute teacher desk! I made the little hanging sign in powerpoint and hung it with some orange ribbon! I'm super happy with how it came out! I rarely use this desk honestly. It is basically "volunteer headquarters." I moved my computer to my small group table and it is much more useful there, as I do many interactive things with the littles during centers (songs, videos, slideshows, games, etc.) I have more room by my small group table too :)

This is MY headquarters!

I am obsessed with drawers - like a little toooo obsessed perhaps. But they are just so useful and keep my scattered mess organized. I sort everything by day/item. I love my new labels that I made this year much more than those I had last year.

Here is my revamped teacher toolbox! I love having pictures on each of the drawers, it's much quicker that way!

This is one of my favorite places in the room, just because it always puts a smile on my face! This is where I keep all of the special things that my tiny tots give/make for me and all of the things that are most special to me.

Of course my Golden Apple resides here :)

This mug is my favorite!! It pays homage to two of the best movies/shows ever - Orange is the New Black and Mean Girls. I got it on Etsy from The Little Vinylsaur.

I bought this mailbox on Amazon and the kids get a kick out of it. This is where they deliver little notes/artwork that they make for me. I check it each day and it always makes my heart warm.

 Sorry for the horrible glare on the picture below! This wall displays all of our vocabulary! The top half is our "Record Breaking Words"where our sight words go and the bottom half displays our math vocabulary posters! We have five classroom computers just below the wall as well.

This is my Reading Focus Wall. We use it every single day. It definitely keeps us on track and focused each day. You can purchase the entire set for KINDERGARTEN HERE and the entire set for FIRST GRADE HERE!

Here is our math focus wall! You can purchase the KINDERGARTEN MATH WALL or the FIRST GRADE MATH WALL in my TPT store!

This is one of my favorite changes this year - our calendar!! Last year I had SOOO much on that wall and it was way too much. This year I went with a much more minimal and practical approach. I only post things that we use every day.

I used magnet hooks from staples to hang each number in the code date. I keep all of the numbers on the rings and just switch them out each day/month.

 The weekdays are super easy too. I have velcro dots on the back of each and we just rotate them each day.

Isn't this sign the best?! We remind ourselves to be awesome every day :)

This is our morning check-in area.

The kids move their guitar pick onto the guitar each day. They follow the visual directions to begin their day.

This is where they store their binders each day. It is so easy for me to just stick papers and things in their drawer for them to take home!

This is our number line! It certainly helps the kids line up in a neat and tidy way. They like it too because they get to stand on the picture of their job at the front/back of the line!

This is one of our center stations. Each student is assigned a shape and color and know exactly which lapdesk is theirs.

I keep the visual directions here to remind students what to do on their center work.

Here are my lovelies hard at work:

I just LOVE our new classroom library! It is so cozy and sweet and I love the bright colors!

I found these super cute little chairs at Target on sale! They recline and the kids have so much fun sitting in them. It's a hoot to see them all reclined out and reading :)

I made these fun quote signs and picked some of my favorite quotes to use. We read them together and review what each one means. The kids relate to them and I think it inspires us all! You can snag these cuties for FREE HERE!

Here are my student tables! These ADORABLE name tags fit perfectly with the rest of my decor! I bought them from the ever-fabulous Maria Manore! You can find them HERE!

These are our sparkle buckets! The students earn sparkles each day for making good choices and get to spend them at the Sparkle Store in our room!

I label each of their toolboxes to help them stay organized. The number is their class number, the shape corresponds to their center group, and the other labels show them how to keep their toolbox organized.

I have the kids keep their crayons in these little tupperwares. It makes my life SO much easier! They can take them out and tote them around if they need to. It also stops the shuffling noise when they dig around for crayons in their toolbox, which drove me craaaazy.

I bought these double chair pockets from ChairPockets on Etsy. They are extremely durable and high quality. They hold everything the littles need at their fingertips and more!

These are my fab pencil cups that I made this year! I got this idea from the super awesome Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits! Aren't they cute?!

Here are our classroom rules! We review them each day!

Our color word wall and my newly organized cabinets!

Here is our treasure box! I handmade this my very first year as a teacher and I still love it! I painted the front freehand and glued the little coins on the side! The kids get so excited to visit the treasure box!

AND THERE IT IS! I am so excited to share my special space with you and I hope you like it :)


  1. OMG I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! First- its huge! second, it is sooo organized and third- colorful! I love it! I am so jealous, you have great ideas and organization! I wish I taught with you! So glad I came across your page today!

  2. I just stumbled across your beautiful classroom. The bright colors are stunning! I'm sure your students have had a WONDERFUL year in your room.

    1. Thank you SO much Maria, I'm thrilled that you like it! It has certainly made it more fun to come into my room each morning. Your room is incredible and very inspirational - and thank you for the adorable nameplates! Love everything you do! Thanks for popping in and for the kind words XO

  3. I love the colors! Where did you find the desktop organizing totes?

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much :) They are from Really Good Stuff and you can find them here:

      They are called "Four-Compartment Caddies"! I hope this helps!

      Hugs to you!

  4. Hi! Beautiful classroom! I was wondering (and hoping) if you sold your student toolbox labels?

    1. Hello friend!!
      Thanks so much :) :) I do not have them for sale at this time but will happily add them to my store!! I'll post them in the next day or two! Thanks for the support and hugs to you!


  5. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank CA FL-311 to fill out?

  6. Hey Mac Blanchard, I found a blank fillable CA FL-311 here:

  7. I love your classroom!!! So big bright colors and extremely organized!!

  8. I really love your classroom. Thank you for sharing so many ideas. I am moving back to kindergarten from third grade this year and I enjoyed all of your inspiring ideas. Thanks and have a great school year.